Castleberrys Carpentry


So many doors, so little time.

Have a drafty, sagging or sticking doors? loose or broken handrails?

At Castleberrys, We specialize in correctly installing your doors to exacting specifications.  I can build the correct overhang to protect your doors and home from the elements.  I can provide resizing services from start to finish, helping you through the process to completion.

Services include:

  • Door repair
  • Garage door and opener installation
  • Installation break-in service
  • Storm Door tuning, Retrofits and upgrades
  • Re-sizing
  • Door Relocation
  • Overhangs

Doors that we replace are installed to true plumb +/- 1/100th” using High Accuracy 6′ levels and squared for function. All hinges are secured with a 3″ screw into the adjacent framing. All lock sets are highly tamper resistant and any door can be “BurglarProofed” (email for details)

Door prices are flat rate and already set based on three factors: access, size and custom work.  Any re-size, non- standard or extra large doors are based on a set price and quoted the custom work. This will not be an estimate  but a firm set price.  I do not set prices based on the cost of the door, unless a non-standard install.

Most of the doors we replace are direct replacements for standard sizes and configurations.

Castleberrys will warranty any Complete Door Replacement for the expected life of the product or as long as you live in your home. By far the best warranty in the business.

For rental or commercial customers with more than 10 doors, Castleberrys also offers full turn around services, monthly door maintenance contracts and site surveys. Just email with your needs and we will work something out.

Have your Big Box Store Door installed by a Door Carpenter, not an “installer” who maybe watched a 4 hour video before installing his first door. This kid has a plastic level and wouldn’t know a counter sink from a corn cob.

Tips for less painful “BigBox Store Door Installs”

Always read the contract twice. Bring a trusted friend or Trade Professional with you to read over your shoulder. Four eyes are better than two.  If they make a mistake and you sign off on it, You just bought the wrong door.

Make sure there is a Picture of EXACTLY what your door is supposed to look like. Confirm this.

Demand an In Store Product Inspection upon product arrival to the store. Bring your paperwork!!! (and Trusted Trade Professional!)

Be sure to look for cracked glass, inconsistent colors and split jambs. nicks and scratches can be fixed.

So if you have these installers coming out, thats fine. Be careful and watchful. Thoroughly inspect every single inch of your property and the door when is arrives BEFORE any work begins. and After the job is complete BEFORE you sign anything. If you are purchasing a high end special order.