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Castleberrys Carpentry serves Ballard, Greenwood, Greenlake, Queen Anne, Phinney, and environs.


We are a Licensed, Bonded and Fully Insured General Contractor specializing in Door installs, Door conversions and re-sizing, wall removals and beam installs, decks porches, remodeling, repairs and renovation.
There was a time when quality mattered, integrity meant doing the right thing even when no one was looking, and a man’s word was his bond.

At Castleberrys, those things still matter. We hold to an older set of values, a higher standard of workmanship, and the belief that taking care
of the customer is the business. Castleberrys Carpentry is focused on custom carpentry projects, individual service, and excellent value for the customer, one client and one project at a time. From a simple door installation to a full home remodel, you’ll find craftsmanship, transparency, and unmatched personal service every step of the way. At Castleberrys Carpentry, I work hard everyday to provide a unique service:

Artisan Craftsmanship – “Artisans practice a craft and may, through experience and aptitude reach the expressive levels of an artist.” To me, this means simply that I enjoy my work, and see it as a vocation rather than a job. I truly enjoy the satisfaction of taking a problem and finding a solution, or making the desire of the client a reality. I return to the tradition of high standards and truly custom work, of hand selecting materials and taking the time to produce the strongest, most enduring product possible at all levels of finish and all budgets. even a basic basement door should be installed correctly. This is not to say that I only take high end or fancy jobs. Most of my work is normal projects for normal people, which is what I prefer.

I prefer to hand select materials when possible due to the very poor quality of materials, especially when it comes to framing lumber. Even the most expensive materials are easily damaged in transit, costing more time and money. I work extra hard to select the correct materials, prevent damage, and complete projects within budget. Of course, this does not always happen, and you cant hit a home run every time you swing the bat, but i still try.

Attention to Detail – They say “the devil is in the details”. Maybe….we believe that the details are what make a project fit seamlessly with the original work, produces harmony with the existing structure and fully realize it takes time and discussion to determine the budget and level of finish you require. True, you probably don’t care if the beam I put in your crawl space is perfectly level, plumb and square…but I do.

Also, it is important to determine your “detail”. What is your ultimate requirement? how involved do you want to be? what specifically do you want me to focus on?

Personal Service – Service that is individual to each client. whether you want new custom doors and trim work or need a basic door install…..a damaged siding board replaced or all new siding….a few damaged deck boards replaced or the hardwood deck of your dreams each client and project is given the same quality of service, and individualized attention. I see my role as your advocate, my #1 priority is to determine exactly what you want done, what needs to be done and the best way to spend the money to return to the client the maximum value i can provide. Sometimes this means finding someone else to do the work. Usually it is a time or scheduling issue as I have a very small company and can not complete projects as quickly as larger companies. if i had a larger crew, I would not be able to control the quality, and the finished product would not be as good. Sometimes this is irrelevant, and client just wants the work done quickly, which I completely understand. It is very important to me that the service I provide meets my clients needs and that my clients understand that I am there for them, 24-7. If there is ever any type of issue, no matter how trivial it may seem, do not hesitate, please inform me immediately as this is the only way i can resolve the issue quickly to your satisfaction. I prefer to sort out any problems than have a dissatisfied client. I am providing the service and without my great clients, i would be working somewhere else. I work very hard to build a high level of trust with my clients, by going the extra step, and always being as available as possible. Of course, i am often working with loud tools, wearing hearing protection, and otherwise unavailable at the exact moment a call comes in, but i will always get back to you asap. Feel free to blow up my phone if you really need to get in touch. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss your project and look forward to working with you.


Please e-mail for a Consultation. We are working carpenters on the job everyday; a very small business with a small crew. We do all work ourselves, so we can only take on one large job at a time. Smaller jobs such as door installs and window to door conversions can be worked into our schedule, and we are available for project management and consulting. Feel free to send pictures of your project, images from the web and as much information as you can. If possible, please include the time frame for the project and any other details that you can think of.


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    Personal Service, Attention to Detail, & Artisan Craftsmanship…that is Castleberry’s Carpentry