Castleberrys Carpentry





  • 10×14, custom deck and pergola, $18,500.00 standard—-$12,500.00 full custom      Build page


  • Structural panel to accommodate heavy plasma tv.  Built to customer specifications  $1475.oo




  • 12×22 basic deck, nailed decking, 1×4 pickets, sanded and stained, $16,500.00—$19,750.00



Same customer as roof over. very sturdy steps. $2750.00



Turned an old garage into a small but very functional art studio Around $16,500.00






Composite deck built to customers specs. $8,500.00–$10,550.00 notice the low handrail.



rental repair to owners specs….$1,975.00





  • The deck below was not built to specs.  Redesign to prospective owners specs, as a condition of sale.
  • Hand selected premium lumber, fully routed and sanded handrail, color matched trim…..somewhere around $14,500.00



  • Same customer as the roof over….
  • 10×16 deck, custom deck, stainless screws, hand cut pickets very sturdy……$8,500.00-$11,500.00


  • fully custom porch rail, hand cut, fully sanded pickets, detailed handrail, post repair   $4500.00–$6500.00



Install new stairs, new handrail, bench and shelves….  $1875.00

same customer as handrail above








Turn old kennel into art and pottery studio, $16,000.00









Install cast bronze signs, finish rock work.   (total 4 columns)  $1375.00



  • 10×12 ground level deck $4250.00–$6500.00



  • roof over extension $10k–$15k Carpentry only, not including roofing.




  • custom deck addition $4500.00 –$6500.00




  • kitchen remodel




  • siding repair   $2500.00         labor only


  • deck repair $700.00 labor only