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General deck pricing structure:
All prices are for reference purposes only. each deck, customer, job site and project is unique and will be quoted for the work. I do not finance any work or mark up materials the typical 25%.
Demo for most decks is $500.00 payable upon completion of the demo phase.
Customer to rent dumpster, and purchase all materials.
Most jobs require a 35% materials deposit.
highly custom or Hardwood decks require a 50% materials deposit
Payment schedule is outlined in each quote, and due upon completion of each phase of construction, usually
demo=$500.00. footers and framing = 25%, decking = 25%, handrail and stairs = balance remaining.
all decks quoted using standard layout, full length decking run parallel to house, anything bigger than 16’x16′ or greater than 30% grade(slope) add 25%, hidden screw handrails, hidden deck fasteners, sanded for splinters,
includes one set of 40″ wide stairs (extra charge for taller decks)
square foot (sq’) prices include materials.
below are just a few of my decks, i will have more photos when the new website comes out.
more specific pricing at bottom of this page.

the difference between “clear” and “standard” or tight knot material is appearance
and price. clear material may be double the price or more. it does look better but also will last longer.
generally, standard pressure treated or cedar decks using 6×6 posts set on brackets in concrete, 2×8 or 10 joists on hangers and standard #2 (several dime and quarter size medium to large knots per board) –  5/4×6 full length decking boards;
up to 3 feet tall run about $20 sq’
up to 6 feet tall $25 sq’ plus
up to 12 feet tall $25 sq’ plus $300 per post plus $400 per 40″ wide stairs.
up to 16 feet tall $25 sq’ plus $500 per post plus $750 per 40″ wide stairs.
premium clear sanded top handrail add $1000.00
hand selected premium pressure treated decks, premiun 6×6 posts set on brackets in concrete, premium 2×10 or 12 joists on hangers and premium #1(few dime size knots per board) –  5/4×6 full length decking boards
up to 3 feet tall run about $25 sq’
up to 6 feet tall $30 sq’
up to 12 feet tall $30 sq’ plus $300 per post plus $700 per 40″ wide stairs.
up to 16 feet tall $30 sq’ plus $500 per post plus $1000 per 40″ wide stairs
premium clear sanded and edge detailed handrail add $1500.00
all hand selected, fully detailed premium hard wood and composite decks.
up to 3 feet tall run about $40 sq’
up to 6 feet tall $50 sq’
up to 12 feet tall $50 sq’ plus $400 per post plus $800 per 40″ wide stairs.
up to 16 feet tall $55 sq’ plus $600 per post plus $1500 per 40″ wide stairs.
gluelam beam – add $1500
steel beam add $2500
stainless wire add $1250
custom pickets add $1500
“stickets” (trees branches instead of typical pickets) add $2500
fully sanded and detailed, cut edges radiused, routed round over top rail and on posts with all hidden screws add $1500
steel or other ornamental pickets add $1500
fully mortised handrail with drilled or mortised pickets add $2500
please call or email if you need additional info or have any questions.

I use Premium decking and Hidden Deck Fasteners to produce a highly finished appearance, protect the framing, eliminate cracked boards and splintered screw holes.

Using ceramic coated screws, My screwed handrails will never loosen or fail. Guaranteed to last for years.

Ask me about my “LifetimeDeck”. A deck that will last a lifetime.

Typical custom decks start around $35.00 per square foot. This includes Hand selected framing lumber and decking, All screw construction and Hidden Deck Fasteners. The details
I can build anything you may need with the same attention to detail and personal service, assuring you are completely satisfied every step of the way. From a simple entry stoop to a multi-level masterpiece, every deck is constructed with an eye for detail.

My decks are high quality construction using the very best material, crown every board and build to exacting specifications. All of my handrails are built as part of the structure of the deck ensuring they will remain firmly attached and never loosen.
All of my custom decks are guaranteed to last a lifetime with the proper maintenance.

Even my most basic decks are constructed with care and attention to detail. The main difference is in the selection of the material. Most decks (yes even competitors “custom” decks!!!!!) are built using whichever material is delivered, fastened with nailguns and with little or no attention paid to the longevity of the product.
With Castleberrys, you are guaranteed to have the finest, hand crafted deck that money can buy.

Decks under 50sq feet qualify for further discounts!!!!!